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Methodology Energy & Carbon Reporting: compliance assistance

An approach designed for the boardroom

We are highly knowledgable, flexible and used to working at all levels of an organisation. We are confident that we will be able to add value to your reporting process and would welcome the opportunity to have an exploratory conversation with you or your teams. We won’t charge you anything until we are certain that we can add something meaningful to your organisation at a fee that feels fair.

  • We can: Provide specialist technical knowledge on an ‘as needed’ basis to support the development of a robust data set and to prepare for the assurance process.
  • We can: Help you to design, analyse and validate environmental data collection programmes in anticipation of future non-financial reporting
    and assurance.
  • We can: Help you to develop relevant narratives to support annual reporting or other corporate responsibility requirements.
  • We can: Provide focused training, underpinned by technical and reporting skill sets, to your internal teams – particularly those with accountability for reporting and a keen desire to develop in this area. We have experience of working with finance, facilities, technical and corporate affairs teams amongst others.
  • We can: Help you to align programmes with stakeholder expectations and effectively communicate achievements and progress towards targets and objectives.

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