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Energy & Carbon Reporting: compliance assistance

Prof. Simon Pringle

Simon has 20 years experience in commercial strategy, innovation and risk management and a proven track record of delivering: business growth, improved performance and entrepreneurial success across multiple sectors and geographies.

Tarquin-Henderson carob reporting specialist advisor

Tarquin Henderson

Tarquin has over 25 years consulting experience assisting public and private business across multiple sectors in reputation management, stakeholder engagement and Environmental and Social Governance (ESG). Before joining Project Rome, he founded and grew ReEnergise, a specialist low carbon energy advisory and project management business. He coordinates our team of specialists to provide expert advice spanning: gap analysis, baseline reviews and environmental/carbon foot-printing, setting of strategic plans and objectives, through the journey of implementation, to verification and communication of carbon and environmental performance.

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+44(0)113 873 0167

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