A proven methodology forCarbon and Environmental Reporting

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Methodology Energy & Carbon Reporting: compliance assistance
Methodology Energy & Carbon Reporting: compliance assistance

Carbon and Environmental Reporting

Methodology Energy & Carbon Reporting: compliance assistance

Carbon Reporting: Is YOUR data-set assurance ready?

Despite increased expectation for robust environmental reporting, the supporting data has not traditionally been subjected to the same degree of rigour as financial reporting where long-established processes and controls exist.

This means that normal checks and balances may not be in place for the collection of environmental data; a particularly important issue where the quantum of carbon informs a mandatory payment or where it feeds into a commercially significant supply chain requirement. In some cases, the financial auditor even has a defined responsibility to validate an organisation’s reported environmental data.

Ensuring data credibility

For this reason assurance programmes are increasingly recognised as a means of supplying an appropriate level of credibility to published environmental data.

Historically, technical consultants have carried out this work as the subject matter was seen primarily as technical rather than pertaining to financial reporting. Increasingly, however, organisations are looking to their financial assurance providers to undertake this work in line with international standards such as ISAE 3000. This provides much greater levels of confidence to investors and other stakeholders.

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